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Developer Linux News for Feb 10, 2011

  • Open source as an alternative �study abroad� experience? (2011-02-10 23:32:55)
    [M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og : "I'm going to spoil the surprise from the outset: the text below is taken from a random search result for "why study abroad," with appropriate nouns for FOSS work substituted. I was surprised at how few sentences I had to patch up to make the whole thing make sense."

  • LCA: Lessons from 30 years of Sendmail (2011-02-10 22:32:55)
    LWN.net: "The Sendmail mail transfer agent tends to be one of those programs that one either loves or hates. Both its supporters and its detractors will agree, though, that Sendmail played a crucial role in the development of electronic mail"

  • Help girls discover how cool a career in technology could be! (2011-02-10 17:32:55)
    Stormy's Corner: "If you have some time this Saturday, take half an hour or so to help show girls how cool a career in technology can be. Dare 2B Digital is a conference for girls to learn more about careers involving computers."

  • WebOS could be a Contender (2011-02-10 14:32:00)
    ZDNet: "I'm not the only doubter who after HP's latest webOS presentation now thinks that HP's webOS devices may yet find a place in the red-hot smartphone and tablet markets."

  • LibreOffice and support for Microsoft file formats (2011-02-10 14:02:55)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "One of the intriguing aspects of LibreOffice, the OpenOffice.org fork, is that everything is open to debate. However, this atmosphere also means that the old debate about supporting proprietary Microsoft formats -- specifically the newer OOXML format -- is being revived."

  • The White House Wants Advice On What's Blocking American Innovation (2011-02-10 13:32:55)
    TechDirt: "The very first such topic is one near and dear to our hearts: American Innovation. Here's the video of David Plouffe asking how to encourage innovation and get rid of roadblocks:"

  • Kernel Log: updated Radeon drivers, mdadm and ALSA (2011-02-10 13:02:55)
    The H Open: "A new version of the AMD driver from X.org improves support for modern Radeon graphics chips. An updated mdadm, initially only designed for developers, allows the RAID functions of modern Intel motherboard chip-sets to be used."

  • Mozilla Adds Do Not Track Feature to Firefox 4 Beta (2011-02-10 09:02:55)
    eWeek: "Mozilla has added the 'Do Not Track' header it touted last month to the latest version of the Firefox 4 beta for Windows, Linux and Mac."

  • 1Gbps Wi-Fi Soon Coming To a Billion Devices (2011-02-10 07:32:55)
    Hot Hardware: "Not only is 1Gbps heading for your Wi-Fi network by next year, it will be instantly über popular. The new 802.11ac 1G Wi-Fi standard hasn't even been ratified by the IEEE yet and In-Stat predicts that by 2015, consumers will have bought nearly 1 billion devices that use it."