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Developer Linux News for Feb 15, 2011

  • IronBee Open Source WAF Project Launches (2011-02-15 20:04:11)
    eSecurity Planet: "In the open source world, the ModSecurity project has helped to lead the charge for WAFs, but there is now a group that is aiming to build a new open source WAF called IronBee."

  • Joomla vs. Drupal: An open source CMS shootout (2011-02-15 19:34:11)
    IT World: "For many organizations (or individuals) with content to post and manage, blog tools like the highly popular WordPress may be more than adequate. But for companies with greater amounts of content, users, or complexity, including integration with ecommerce and also with other internal and external applications, a more comprehensive content management systems (CMS) is needed."

  • Samsung Laptops and Linux (2011-02-15 15:17:11)
    linux kernel monkey log: "Finally, after many years of people asking for this, Linux can now properly support all known Samsung laptop devices."

  • Qt's future: Bigger than Nokia (2011-02-15 13:46:11)
    IT World: "Friday's odd slow-motion train wreck of an announcement from Nokia that they would be entering a strategic partnership with Microsoft to ship Windows Mobile 7 devices prompted a lot of initial dismay from Android fans, who questioned the sanity of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and his executive team."

  • Is KWin rocket science? (2011-02-15 06:03:11)
    Martin's Blog: "This weekend I played around with adding a slight animation to the BoxSwitch effect when the selection changes and when new windows are opened or existing closed. Here's the video:"

  • Well that didn't take long-- MSQt (2011-02-15 04:27:18)
    MSQt: "MSQt™ is an application and UI framework. Using MSQt™, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across MS™ Windows®, MS™ Mobile® and MS™ Tablet® operating systems without rewriting the source code."