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Developer Linux News for Feb 16, 2011

  • Ubuntu Studio Fun Facts (2011-02-16 21:33:11)
    Confessions of a Ubuntu Studio Developer: "There are two commonly preferred ways to install Ubuntu Studio. Many people start with a regular, vanilla Ubuntu installation and "upgrade" their package selection by installing the Ubuntu Studio meta-packages."

  • 5 of the Best Free Linux Robotics Software (2011-02-16 19:33:11)
    LinuxLinks: "Linux has a good range of open source toolkits for building robotic control systems. To provide an insight into the open source software that is available, we have compiled a list of 5 of our favorite robotics software. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for anyone who wants to conduct research in robot systems."

  • Novell Updates Moonlight for Siliverlight 4 (2011-02-16 16:33:11)
    Codeguru: "Want to run any type of Microsoft Silverlight 3 media on your Linux computer? Now you can."

  • The four capital mistakes of open source (2011-02-16 16:03:11)
    Opensource.com: "How do you develop a successful open source business that lasts? Of the more than 250,000 open source projects on SourceForge, few will be successful at that goal. But one way they might think about how to do it is by doing it in reverse: What should an open source project or business not do?"

  • Fedora, openSUSE Give up on Unity (2011-02-16 15:33:11)
    OStatic: "Some bad news came across the wire today. In a bit of a coincidence, the contributors from both openSUSE and Fedora who were working on Unity announced on the same day they were giving it up. So, those wishing to test this new interface will have to fire up Ubuntu after all."

  • Man decides to open source his genetic data using GitHub (2011-02-16 14:33:11)
    Geek.com: "Manu Sporny, founder and CEO of Digital Bazaar, has decided to use GitHub to store a project of a very different nature. Rather than a piece of software, he is listing his own genetic data as an open source project."

  • Exercise #3:Using awk with Print and Printf (2011-02-16 10:03:11)
    Bashshell: "This is the action part of the awk command and it is enclosed in curly braces. This command by itself prints the input line, but with one argument it prints the argument."

  • Linaro Optimizes ST-Ericsson's Snowball ARM Board (2011-02-16 08:03:11)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Announced today, the open source community will be able to buy the Snowball development boards that use ST-Ericsson's AP9500 chipset and run free open source software and tools that have been optimized by Linaro."

  • Can Free, "Open-Source" Software Bridge the Gender Gap in Technology? (2011-02-16 04:03:11)
    Yahoo News: "But when computer classes involve being taught to use products from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft -- and include activities like field trips to the Apple Store -- who's benefiting from them? The girls, or the corporations that sponsor their classes?"

  • Ubuntu Developer Week 2011: February 28th - March 4th (2011-02-16 00:03:11)
    Softpedia: "Canonical, through Daniel Holbach, announced the schedule of this year's first Ubuntu Developer Week."