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Developer Linux News for Feb 28, 2011

  • Red Hat's "obfuscated" kernel source (2011-02-28 22:03:13)
    LWN.net: "while the cross-distribution cooperation on the 2.6.32 kernel has been a great thing, Red Hat is making things harder by shipping its RHEL 6 kernel source as one big tarball, without breaking out the patches."

  • Jono Bacon Defends Ubuntu: An Insider's Perspective (2011-02-28 19:33:13)
    Datamation: "Last week, in "Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?" I presented one view of Ubuntu and its relationship with other parts of the free and open source software (FOSS) community."

  • Let us access the databases in the Easy Driver way ! (2011-02-28 18:33:13)
    Linuxaria: "Easy Driver is a project to access the databases, it is Free and Open Source. It is formed of a Java library and a code generator."

  • Python4Kids: New Tutorial - A Big Jar of Pickles (2011-02-28 18:03:13)
    Python Tutorials for Kids: "In the last tutorial we learned how to pickle our objects. Pickling is a way of storing the object (on the computer's file system) so that it can be used later."

  • Why I believe Microsoft will buy Nokia (2011-02-28 15:03:13)
    Mobile Open Source: "I have been pretty lucky in January to predict that Nokia would pick Windows 7 as its new OS. I even won a beer in a bet with the Honorary Consul to Finland in Silicon Valley, clear sign the Finns were not expecting it at all..."

  • Weekend Project: Harvest Microformats for Fun and Profit (2011-02-28 03:03:13)
    Linux.com: "Microformats are a way to slip computer-readable information into HTML, so it's "semantically" marked-up, not just visually marked up. With hCalendar, for example, when you advertise a big event on your Web page, it's not only human-readable, but the browser can notice that it's a calendar event..."