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Developer Linux News for Mar 11, 2011

  • GPL expert gives Red Hat the all-clear (2011-03-11 23:02:25)
    IT Wire: "Well-known free software activist and GPL expert Bradley Kuhn says Red Hat's recent change of policy with regard to provision of its kernel source appears, on the surface, to be GPL-compliant."

  • Fuduntu 14.9 Stable Released (2011-03-11 22:32:25)
    ~/Blog: "Fuduntu 14.9 Stable has been released and is now available for download in ISO format, and also available as a regular update for existing Fuduntu users"

  • Creating and Manipulating PDFs with PHP and FPDF (2011-03-11 22:02:25)
    PHP Builder: "FPDF is an open source PHP class released under a permissive license, which indicates that the software can be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise"

  • GNOME creator, Miguel de Icaza, respects proprietary software, can't wait for iPad 2 (2011-03-11 21:02:25)
    Network World: ""If you are not planning on getting an iPad 2 on Friday at 5 p.m., the terrorists win." So said open source icon Miguel de Icaza on his Twitter feed this week, and he wasn't joking."

  • Converting between MySQL Date and Time Formats (2011-03-11 15:32:25)
    Database Journal: "All of the larger systems that I've helped develop necessitated storing some combination of date and time fields. Almost universally, these fields presented difficulties of some kind or another."

  • The Ripple Ecosystem Evolves (2011-03-11 15:02:25)
    RippleExchange: "The Ripple Project (http://ripple-project.org/) aims to build a new form of money which derives from existing social relationships rather than from rigidly inefficient central banking systems."

  • A Who's Who Guide to Open Source Augmented Reality Apps (2011-03-11 14:02:25)
    Linux.com: "AR covers everything from games to computer vision to mash-ups of Web services — but the most useful applications are those mobile browsers that grab your current location and overlay relevant information about the things around you."

  • Choosing between portability and innovation (2011-03-11 13:02:25)
    LWN.net: "Portability is a key concept in the open source ecosystem. Thanks to this killer feature, your author has migrated his desktop operating system during the last ten years from Mac OS X to Linux (various distributions) and eventually to FreeBSD, but throughout that process he could keep using most of the same applications."

  • The Threat Of Parallel Filing (2011-03-11 09:02:25)
    Computerworld UK: "The threat from software patent trolls arises not from an invisible distant origin, but actually from within open source communities. So that's the best place to eradicate it."