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Developer Linux News for Aug 02, 2011

  • Introducing Dolphin 2.0 (Aug 02, 2011, 22:00)
    ppenz: During the last months I've been working on Dolphin 2.0 which is planned to get released with the 4.8 release of KDE Applications

  • A Look at the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 3.0 (Aug 02, 2011, 21:00) It was big news when the 3.0 kernel was released at the end of July, but as luck would have it, another fundamental piece of your average distribution is about to bump its own version number up to 3.0 as well: the filesystem hierarchy standard (FHS).

  • PhoneGap 1.0 Released (Aug 02, 2011, 20:00)
    PhoneGap: Popular Open Source Mobile Development Framework Gets Upgrades Including More Access to Native Device APIs and Debugging Tools

  • Firebug 1.8.0 brings Firefox 5.0 support (Aug 02, 2011, 19:00)
    The H Open: The Firebug Working Group has released version 1.8.0 of Firebug, the first version of the web debugger that is fully compatible with Firefox 5.

  • FreeBSD 9.0 Goes Into Beta (Aug 02, 2011, 18:00)
    Phoronix: This is the first dramatic update to the FreeBSD operating system in nearly two years

  • Doug Cutting talks about Hadoop, and open source (Aug 02, 2011, 17:00)
    ITWorld: Doug Cutting has changed the way that IT does Big Data

  • Amarok 2.4.3 "Berlin" Released (Aug 02, 2011, 16:00)
    KDE: "We've tweaked the visual design a bit, removing the status bar at the bottom, and replacing it with more focused notifications up top, or where they make most sense"

  • The Linux Setup - Clement Lefebvre, Linux Mint (Aug 02, 2011, 15:00)
    My Linux Rig: Linux Mint began with a reputation for being a nicer, easier to use take on Ubuntu. Now, it often seems poised to replace Ubuntu as the go-to Linux distribution for new and experienced users.

  • Understanding The Open Web Stack (Aug 02, 2011, 10:01)
    Software Connection: "Whether you're a .NET guru or Rails rebel makes no matter when it comes to developing with open technologies on the front end."