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Developer Linux News for Aug 10, 2011

  • Do Developers Prefer Mac to Linux? (2011-08-10 23:00:20)
    InternetNews: The answer changes depending on who is doing the survey

  • How to create a Google Chrome Extension - For Beginners - Basics [Part 2] (2011-08-10 20:01:16)
    Ubuntu Manual: "Last time we made a basic "hello world" chrome extension. This time we will be going to the innards of a real world Google Chrome extension to see how things will work in real time."

  • Open Sesame With Your Source (2011-08-10 17:02:13)
    Technorati: "The trend toward open source software has many benefits when creating applications. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for example retains the benefits of enterprise application level components such as security and web services without the prohibitive license costs."

  • Testing JavaScript Code with Jasmine (2011-08-10 16:00:18)
    Developer.com: JavaScript has remained a popular, if often derided, language since its very inception back in 1995.

  • Is Glark a Better Grep? (2011-08-10 12:00:29)
    Linux.com: GNU grep is one of my go-to tools on any Linux box. But grep isn't the only tool in town.