Building Killer Android Tablet Apps: Design and Development Tips

“Device manufacturers are ramping up an exciting new line of
Android devices: tablets. The success of the Apple iPad has proven
that consumers are ready for these devices, which make consuming
media content like video and audio a rich and enjoyable experience.
But there’s a catch: until now, Android developers have made
certain assumptions about the target devices their apps run on —
assumptions like “the device is a phone,” “the device has a small
screen” and “the device includes the Google app experience.” These
assumptions will not always hold true for tablets and other types
of Android-powered devices. In this article, we offer some tips and
tricks for ramping up your skills to design and develop killer apps
for the Android devices of the future.

“Android Supports Tablets?

“Yes, and no. You may be aware that Android has been ported to
many kinds of devices, including phones, toasters, microwaves and
laptops. However, just because Android runs on these devices
doesn’t mean the user experience is great or the device is
officially recognized by the Android community.”

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