BW: Microtest Enters Technology Alliance With Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc

“Linux-based backup and restore software adds to the unique
volume management capabilities of Microtest’s FileZerver.”

“Microtest, Inc., a leading developer of storage and application
appliances, today announced an alliance with Enhanced Software
Technologies (EST), developers of the leading Linux-based backup
and restore utility. Microtest will bundle EST’s Backup and Restore
Utility (BRU) with FileZerver allowing users to schedule
unsupervised backups to any supported SCSI or IDE tape device for
increased data protection.”

“FileZerver is the only workgroup storage appliance that
features volume management, the ability to define application or
user-targeted storage partitions and to assign each partition its
own security and data protection profile. This feature is key to
storage management as it provides administrator access controls not
previously available at the workgroup level. Backup administration
as well as other volume management features are accessed by way of
FileZerver’s Web-based graphical user interface (GUI).”

“‘Adding tape backup support was a critical differentiator for
our new FileZerver, a scalable Linux-based engine that allows OEMs
and integrators to create their own workgroup network attached
solutions. Microtest is excited to integrate functionality from
EST’s BRU,’ said Kurt Lanthier, Business Development Manager for
Microtest’s Network Appliances and Storage Division.”

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