BW: MontaVista Software Puts Linux ‘On-chip’ With Support for IBM PowerPC 405GP

“MontaVista Software, Inc., developer of the Hard Hat(TM)
Linux(R) operating system for embedded applications, today
introduces the company’s Linux port for the recently-announced IBM
PowerPC(R) 405GP, a highly integrated, 350+ MIPS device for
networked applications.”

“MontaVista unveils this technology at Linux Expo in Montreal.
The integration of Hard Hat Linux and IBM system-on-chip
technology offers developers high performance and flexibility for
applications in “post-PC” pervasive computing products.”

“”IBM sees value in providing customers with greater options for
creating Linux solutions,” said Dean Parker, PowerPC product
marketing manager, IBM Microelectronics. “Porting Linux to the
PowerPC 405GP will provide greater options to customers.””

Press Release