CNW: MaxOS Linux to begin final beta testing

“Alta Terra Ventures announced the launch of its final stage
in-house testing for its new MaxOS(TM) Linux desktop operating

“In preparation for a May public beta launch, the final stage
in-house participants for MaxOS testing have been selected. The
testers range from Linux developers and educational institutions,
to business and professional service companies, gamers, internet
service providers and home PC users.”

“It has been common in the past to test software exclusively
within a `friendly’ environment” says Dexter Dombro, Alta Terra
Chairman and President, “where software is put through its paces by
developers and programmers familiar with the product. We see
our product finding a niche appealing to a broad spectrum of
clients, and thought it would be important to beta test with a
representative group.
” Testers will be looking at strengths
and areas of further improvement for the operating system. This
will be accomplished by using MaxOS as a base to run numerous
business applications on a wide variety of hardware