Creating (High Optimized) KDE 2.2.2 packages from sources

“In this document you will find out how tweak KDE 2.2.2
to the max, optimize it for your machine and make nice packages out
of it. If you are not interested in tweaking KDE you can easily
skip the tuning part, and just read how to configure, compile and
make Slackware packages with KDE 2.2.2.

I will also provide all the necessary scripts for you, so
compiling KDE and making packages will be really easy.

The default (shipped with Slackware 8.0) packaging tools are
used (v1.1), because as reported on Slackware’s Forum the new tools
(which can be found under current-tree) are little buggy yet. When
they become bugs free I will update the scripts to reflect the
newer version.”


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