Desktop Linux Suckage: Where’s Our Steve Jobs?

“The article that prompted me to write these rants, ‘Why Free
Software has poor usability, and how to improve it’, failed to
mention Linux’s lack of a Steve Jobs. This is an important
omission. The Linux kernel has its Steve Jobs. The question we have
to ask ourselves is whether it’s just a coincidence that the Linux
kernel is the poster child for successful Free software.

“What does the Linux desktop have? The Linux desktop has
nothing. No person, not even a committee. Just the GNOME HIG.

“I suggest you take a look at the GNOME HIG, in all its
barely-changed-since-2001 glory. In particular, compare its
breadth, depth, and quality to Apple’s or even Microsoft’s
equivalents. You might think that the Apple and Microsoft guides go
too far. Microsoft’s one is especially long. But you could hardly
argue that developers of GNOME applications are doing such a good
job they don’t need at least as much help as Mac and Windows
developers. At least Apple and Microsoft seem to acknowledge the
extent of the problem.

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