Duke of URL: Linux Mandrake 7.0 x86 [Review]

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“Mandrake is a company that emerged pretty much out of nowhere.
Very rarely does a Linux distribution ever hit as hard as Mandrake
has. Along with Mandrake, KDE has emerged as a very solid operating
environment, something once thought to be ludicrous in Linux. Don’t
like KDE? Take your pick from 5 other operating environments,
including Gnome and Window Maker. Even though Mandrake is based on
Redhat, it’s great design, along with the currency of it’s
components put Redhat’s distribution to shame….”

“Mandrake has always been helpful when I had questions, and for
this I’m greatful! They’ve also offered drivers for the latest
cards. That means GeForce, TNT2, Sound Blaster Live!, and much
These are things other distribtions will only dream of
supporting. Don’t like to compile code and build the drivers for
yourself? You don’t need to here.”

“Just as 6.0, this is Pentium and Pentium II/III optimized, but
that’s all right with me. This does; however, present a problem for
low-end users who wish to use this distribution. Luckly, they still
offer 5.3 on their site, which is not Pentium optimized, and will
work fine on your fancy 486’s. With the new kernel and the latest
versions of all of most of the core components, things seem to
operate a bit more smoothly than past releases.”