Duke of URL: MP3 on Linux HowTo

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“Arguably, one of the greatest things about Linux is that it’s
free. On Windows, this is quite the opposite. While progress
sometimes moves faster on Windows, you also pay for that quick

“In fact, odds are if you have a Linux machine, you already
have all the tools you’ll need to create and MP3, you just might
need some command-line advice.
In addition the command-line
method, you can also use a GUI version, which is actually just a
front-end to those very same command-line tools.”

“There’s several parts to the process of making an MP3. Getting
the CD, ripping it, and then, finally encoding it. The encoding
factor is usually the most intensive, so if you’re not on the MP3
bandwagon yet, you’ll want to be sure you have at least a
Pentium-class processor for you proceed and get your hopes up.”