Eclipse at eBay, Part 2

[ Thanks to jmalasko for this link.

“Software development comes in all shapes and sizes. It is a
hobby for many folks. It is a great business for doing consulting.
It is also done by organizations, both very small and very large.
When you are developing software on your own, you pick the tools
you like. You write code the way you like. You keep track of your
code and maybe perform some backups periodically. As soon as you
start working with others, things become trickier. This equation
only gets more complicated when the development is being done by an
organization of thousands. Luckily, Eclipse is up to this
challenge. It provides a powerful tool for standardizing around.
The extensibility afforded by its plug-in architecture makes it
easy to tailor its functionality to your organization, regardless
of its size. To demonstrate, we will look at how eBay has used
Eclipse to meet its needs…”

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