Globe and Mail: Clone maker in talks with Corel [on cheap Linux PCs]

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“One of the world’s largest clone computer makers says it’s one
of the unnamed hardware firms in talks with Corel Corp. and Intel
Corp. to launch a new line of cheap personal computers.”

“PC Chips Group of Companies of Taiwan, which already works
with both Corel and Intel, said it has great hopes that the
alliance will produce a big winner. ‘Once Linux gets on the
desktop, I can see substantial growth into the market
and I
would think the people at Microsoft would be quite concerned,’ said
Basat Khalifa, marketing manager for 3D Micro Computers of Markham,
Ont., the Canadian operating arm of PC Chips Group.”

“Michael Cowpland, Corel’s chairman and chief executive officer,
said his Ottawa-based software maker has been in talks with Intel
and at least one computer maker to launch the new low-cost