GNULinux.com: Rebuilding the Linux Kernel for Complete Newbies

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for this link. ]

“We’re going to address a very common event in the life a Linux
user: rebuilding the kernel on a Linux-based computer. The motives
for recompiling your kernel will vary. You’ll may this to add or
remove components needed for normal operation. You may want the
kernel rebuilt to make your machine faster and more robust, or so
Linux will be able to support hardware it cannot with an older
kernel. Either way, kernel rebuilding is beset with its own
idiosyncrasies. In this article, we are ready to walk you through
the process of the how’s and why’s of recompiling, with some
concise instructions on how it’s done.”

“Note: Kernel rebuilding is not for the squeamish. If you
are doing it for the first time, you should begin by backing up all
your important stuff and printing these instructions out before
going any further.
If you have room and the expertise, you
should also create a scratch partition you can load Linux in and
use it for practice before reconfiguring your normal system. You
have been warned. If you trash your system, buck up and

“RedHat users, please pay particular attention to the *Note
sections. These section have special instructions for your RedHat


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