Google’s ‘copied Java code’ disowned by Apache

“When Oracle sued Google over Android, many assumed the database
giant would target code Google lifted from the Apache Foundation’s
open source Java incarnation, Project Harmony. But Oracle just
pinpointed six pages of Google code, claiming they were “directly
copied” from copyrighted Oracle material, and according to Apache,
this code is not part of Harmony.

“”Recent reports on various blogs have attributed to the ASF a
number of the source files identified by Oracle as ones that they
believe infringe on their copyrights,” the Foundation says in a
Friday blog post. “Even though the code in question has an Apache
license, it is not part of Harmony.”

“On Wednesday, Oracle unloaded a new court filing in which it
specifically claims that Android’s class libraries and
documentation infringe on its copyrights, and that approximately
one-third of Android’s API packages are “derivative” of Oracle’s
copyrighted Java API packages. With its filing, the database giant
claims that in some instances Google directly copied Oracle code,
and it includes code samples in an attempt to prove its point (see
next page).”

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