ISA.org: Open Source (Linux) PLC project launched

[ Thanks to Curt
for this link. ]

A movement to develop Linux-based programmable logic
controller (PLC) technology is being launched by participants in an
online e-mailing list.
The host of the widely used Automation
List, Control Technology Corp. and Control.com Inc., has agreed to
provide the venue and discussion resources to carry on the project,
informally being called the “Open Source Control” effort.”

“I envision a process similar to the other ‘open source’
projects on the ‘net today — online discussion groups for
developers and users, an online source control system, and publicly
available code,” Control.com president Ken Crater told ISA

“The Open Source Control effort addresses an economic imperative
— not merely to save money on software purchases, but rather to
finally gain meaningful control over a critical link in the
enterprise information chain,” Crater said. “Proprietary
architectures can only stand in the way of information flows — and
the supplier community has amply demonstrated its inability or
unwillingness to deliver open systems in any meaningful sense of
the phrase,” he said.”


In additon to providing the link, Curt Wuollet adds:
“The “people on the list” who started the project was me.
Inquiries: [email protected] or http://www.control.com to get on the

Curt Wuollet,
Wide Open Technologies