Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.4-rc2


Full Changelog

Here’s mainly ARM, XFS, PCI hotplug and firewire updates. And
some parport cleanups and fixes from Al.

And a fairly small merge from Andrew (s390 and random


Summary of changes from v2.6.4-rc1 to v2.6.4-rc2


  • [XFS] Merge missing mount stripe-unit/width-alignment

Adrian Bunk:

  • move rme96xx to Documentation/sound/oss/

Alexander Viro:

  • oops on HPFS filesystem file rename
  • parport: move exports to where they are defined
  • parport: use module_init()
  • parport: sysctl registration
  • parport: option parsing cleanup
  • parport: fix probe leaks
  • parport: slave port cleanups
  • parport: fix parport_unregister_port
  • parport: clean up parport_announce_port and friends
  • parport: keep track of parport_pc ports
  • parport: keep track of parport_sunbpp ports
  • parport: get rid of parport_enumerate
  • parport: list cleanups

Andrew Morton:

  • fix x86_64 build for sys_device_register rename
  • [ATM]: Gcc-3.5 fix for net/atm/lec.c
  • fix umount dataloss problem
  • ppc64: fix a bug in iSeries MMU hash management
  • ppc64: iSeries virtual disk update
  • Add missing numa EXPORT_SYMBOLs
  • ppc64: Update G5 defconfig, remove DISCONTIGMEM
  • s390: core s390 update
  • s390: common i/o layer
  • s390: sclp console
  • s390: tape class for s390 tapes
  • s390: xpram driver
  • Doc/00-index additions
  • sysrq-o atomicity fix
  • fix small highmem bio bounce bvec handling glitch
  • move scatterwalk functions to own file
  • fix in-place de/encryption bug with highmem
  • dm-crypt cleanups
  • dm-crypt end_io bv_offset fix
  • revert the /proc thread visibility fix
  • zr36067 driver update
  • C99 initializers for drivers/usb/serial/keyspan.h
  • C99 initiailzers for drivers/isdn/hisax/hisax_fcpcipnp.c
  • raid1: fix oops in bio_put()
  • linux/README update
  • DCSSBLK depends on CONFIG_S390
  • NFS SUNRPC fix
  • Fix tty drivers which dont set tty_driver->devfs_name
  • Fix VT mode change vs. fbcon
  • sys_alarm() return value fix
  • Fix network hashtable sizing
  • buslogic initsection fix
  • remove a few remaining “make dep” references
  • clarify CONFIG_SWAP Kconfig help
  • Make powernow-k8 cpufreq control work again
  • x86-64 fixes for 2.6.4rc1
  • watchdog updates
  • convert pdflush to kthread
  • firmware loader: pin firmware module
  • firmware loader: delay firmware hotplug event
  • swsusp: fix error handling in “not enough swap space”
  • m68k interrupt handling fix
  • scripts/modpost warning
  • oprofile: fix P4 HT msr sharing

Bart De Schuymer:

  • [BR_NETFILTER]: Fix vlan-encapsulated fragmented IP

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:

  • update for pdc202xx_old driver

Ben Collins:

  • IEEE1394(r1165): Better pending packet handling, patch from
  • IEEE1394(r1166): Move generic packet initialization to
    kmem_cache ctor
  • IEEE1394(r1167): Cleanup hostnum allocation to prevent race of
    double allocation
  • IEEE1394(r1168): Add on a mempool for packet allocation, in
    addition to the kmem_cache
  • IEEE1394(r1169): Trivial cleanups
  • IEEE1394: Revision sync
  • IEEE1394/SBP2(r1170): Unblock scsi requests specifically in the
    update callback
  • IEEE1394/Video1394(r1171): Fix bug with cdev_add usage from a
    previous change
  • IEEE1394(r1172): Generalize the default config rom entries for
    new hosts
  • IEEE1394/eth1394(r1175): Added MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE()
  • IEEE1394: Revision sync
  • IEEE1394(r1176): Remove mempool and ctor stuff
  • IEEE1394/dv(r1177): Fix dv1394 devfs cleanup
  • IEEE1394/ohci(r1179): Remove ohci->id. It was just the same
    as host->id anyway
  • SPARC/m68k: Remove sun_setup_serial references, which is
    already gone
  • IEEE1394(r1180): Fix pdrv update call to use ud class list.
    Fixes an oops

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

  • ppc32: Fix crash on load in DACA sound driver
  • radeonfb: some more PLL problems
  • /proc/cpuinfo fixes for G5

Chip Salzenberg:

  • export locks_remove_posix

Christoph Hellwig:

  • [XFS] use generic XFS stats and sysctl infrastructure in
  • [XFS] Remove a superflous i_size_write
  • [XFS] Fix up daemon names
  • [XFS] only lock pagecache pages
  • [XFS] plug race in pagebuf freeing
  • [XFS] kill some dead constants from pagebuf

Dave Kleikamp:

  • JFS: Error path accessed uninitialized variables
  • JFS: Support sharing of journal by multiple volumes

David Brownell:

  • OHCI urb unlink fixes

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: Fix IDE block-layer BUG_ON() reported by Darren
  • ia64: Fix pdflush-triggered stack-overflow due to long
    thread-creation chains

David S. Miller:

  • [TCP]: Restart tw bucket scan when lock is dropped, noticed by
    Olof Johansson
  • [NET]: Propagate dev_mc_{add,delete}() error to
  • [AF_UNIX]: Mark unix_*_ops as static
  • [SPARC64]: Add support for CONFIG_DEBUG_STACK_USAGE

Dean Roehrich:

  • [XFS] release i_sem before going into dmapi queues
  • [XFS] DMAPI deadlock prevention when interacting with the IO

Dely Sy:

  • PCI Hotplug: Patch to get polling mode in SHPC hot-plug driver
    properly working
  • PCI Hotplug: fixes for shpc and pcie hot-plug drivers

Eric Sandeen:

  • [XFS] Remove some dead debug code

François Romieu:

  • [netdrvr r8169] fix TX descriptor overflow

Geert Uytterhoeven:

  • lost Amiga Hydra Ethernet patch

Go Taniguchi:

  • [libata ata_piix] Fix transposed ICH6 PCI id

Greg Kroah-Hartman:

  • PCI Hotplug: remove unneeded ACPI Makefile rules
  • PCI Hotplug: clean up the Makefile a bit more
  • kobject: fix kobject hotplug debug message to show more needed
  • kobject: clean up kobject_get() convoluted logic
  • Fix USB printer transfers
  • PCI Hotplug: fix stupid directory name of “pci_hotplug_slots”
    to be just “slots”
  • Make IBMASM driver depend on X86 as that is the only valid
    platform for it
  • PCI Hotplug: fix up the permission settings on a few of the
    sysfs files
  • Driver core: add CONFIG_DEBUG_DRIVER to help track down driver
    core bugs easier
  • PCI Hotplug: clean up the Makefile a bit more

Hollis Blanchard:

  • ppc64: make “viodev->unit_address” 32-bit
  • ppc64: export vio_find_node()

Ingo Molnar:

  • Avoid writing the APIC ID register

Ivan Kokshaysky:

  • Alpha: switch semaphores to PPC scheme

James Simmons:

  • New Permedia2 framebuffer driver

Jeff Garzik:

  • [libata] Use scsi_finish_command as completion function, in our
    error handling thread callback.
  • [libata ata_piix] Add yet another Intel ICH6 PCI id

Jens Axboe:

  • fix CDROM_SEND_PACKET 32 -> 64-bit translation

Karsten Keil:

  • ISDN strpbrk fix

Kenneth W. Chen:

  • ia64: make hugetlbfs page size a boot-time option
  • ia64: move irq_entry()/irq_exit() to ia64_handle_irq()

Linda Xie:

  • PCI Hotplug: fix rpaphp bugs

Linus Torvalds:

  • Update x86 defconfig
  • Fix typo in radeon pll update
  • Linux 2.6.4-rc2

Manfred Weihs:

  • IEEE1394(1164): Added 1394 acknowledge codes

Marc Zyngier:

  • Re: 2.6.4-rc1 + hp100 EISA, not working

Marcel Holtmann:

  • [Bluetooth] Use BT_ERR wherever possible

Max Asbock:

  • Driver for IBM service processor – updated (1/2)
  • Driver for IBM service processor – updated (2/2)

Nathan Scott:

  • [XFS] Use same string for identifying whether security
    namespace is enabled
  • [XFS] Add I/O path tracing code, useful in diagnosing that last
    unwritten extent problem
  • [XFS] Use a naming convention here thats more consistent with
    everything else
  • [XFS] Fix BUG in debug trace code, it was plain wrong for the
    unmapped page case
  • [XFS] Fix the by-handle attr list interface (used by xfsdump)
    for security attrs
  • [XFS] Implement mrlocks on top of rwsems, instead of using our
    own mrlock code
  • [XFS] Fix length of mount argument path strings, off by
  • [XFS] Remove PBF_SYNC buffer flag, unused for some time
  • [XFS] Sort out some minor differences between trees

Olof Johansson:

  • ppc64: Add iommu=on for enabling DART on small-mem
  • ppc64: Use iommu=force instead of iommu=on for commonality with
  • ppc64: More IOMMU cleanups

Peter Chubb:

  • ia64: greatly speed-up I/O-SAPIC

Philippe Elie:

  • oprofile needs smp_num_siblings on x86-64

Randy Dunlap:

  • sys_device_[un]register() are not syscalls
  • rename sys_bus_init()

Roger Luethi:

  • Update via-rhine Kconfig entry

Russell King:

  • PCI: Report meaningful error for failed resource
  • PCI: Don’t report pci_request_regions() failure twice
  • PCI: Introduce bus->bridge_ctl member
  • [MTD] Fix build errors in Lubbock MTD map driver
  • [ARM] Fix SA1111 OHCI IRQ handler return type
  • [MTD] Fix ARM Firmware Suite MTD partition detection
  • [MTD] Update integrator-flash.c with MTD CVS
  • [ARM] Update ICS IDE driver
  • [ARM] Always return IRQ_HANDLED for USB interrupts
  • Wireless pcmcia netdev patches

Santiago Leon:

  • broken PowerPC Virtual Ethernet

Stephen Hemminger:

  • propogate errors from misc_register to caller
  • hp100 — isa probe fix

Steve Kinneberg:

  • IEEE1394(r1173): Small change to csr1212 prevent possible
    kernel panics from improper directory parsing
  • IEEE1394(r1174): Fixed a problem parsing directories with null
  • IEEE1394(r1179): Fix nodemgr_get_max_rom() to work properly on
    little endian machines

Steven Dake:

  • [AF_UNIX]: Add SOCK_SEQPACKET support

Stéphane Eranian:

  • ia64: perfmon update

Timothy Shimmin:

  • [XFS] Add XFS_FS_GOINGDOWN interface to xfs
  • [XFS] Fix log recovery case when have v2 log with size >32K
    and we have a Log Record wrapping around the physical log end. Need
    to reset the pb size back to what we were using and NOT just
  • [XFS] Version 2 log fixes – remove l_stripemask and add v2 log
    stripe padding to ic_roundoff to cater for pad in reservation
    cursor updates.
  • [XFS] fix up some debug log code for when XFS_LOUD_RECOVERY is
    turned on

Torben Mathiasen:

  • PCI Hotplug: Patch to get cpqphp working with IOAPIC

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