Linux 2.4.15-pre5 Released

[ Thanks to Dave of
Redhatbox.org for this link.


 - Greg KH: enable hotplug driver support
 - Andrea Arcangeli: remove bogus sanity check
 - David Mosberger: /proc/cpuinfo and scsi scatter-gather for ia64
 - David Hinds: 16-bit pcmcia network driver updates/cleanups
 - Hugh Dickins: remove some stale code from VM
 - David Miller: /proc/cpuinfo for sparc, sparc fork bug fix, network
   fixes, warning fixes
 - Peter Braam: intermezzo update
 - Greg KH: USB updates
 - Ivan Kokshaysky: /proc/cpuinfo for alpha
 - David Woodhouse: jffs2 - remove dead code, remove gcc3 warning
 - Hugh Dickins: fix kiobuf page allocation/deallocation

 - Mikael Pettersson: make proc_misc happy without modules
 - Arjan van de Ven: clean up acpitable implementation ("micro-acpi")
 - Anton Altaparmakov: LDM partition code update
 - Alan Cox: final (yeah, sure) small missing pieces
 - Andrey Savochkin/Andrew Morton: eepro100 config space save/restore over suspend
 - Arjan van de Ven: remove power from pcmcia socket on card remove
 - Greg KH: USB updates
 - Neil Brown: multipath updates
 - Martin Dalecki: fix up some "asmlinkage" routine markings

 - Alan Cox: more driver merging
 - Al Viro: make ext2 group allocation more readable

 - Ivan Kokshaysky: fix alpha dec_and_lock with modules, for alpha config entry
 - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
 - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates, sysv fs update
 - Kai Mäkisara: SCSI tape update
 - Alan Cox: large drivers merge
 - Nikita Danilov: reiserfs procfs information
 - Andrew Morton: ext3 merge
 - Christoph Hellwig: vxfs livelock fix
 - Trond Myklebust: NFS updates
 - Jens Axboe: cpqarray + cciss dequeue fix
 - Tim Waugh: parport_serial base_baud setting
 - Matthew Dharm: usb-storage Freecom driver fixes
 - Dave McCracken: wait4() thread group race fix

 - me: fix page flags race condition Andrea found
 - David Miller: sparc and network updates
 - various: fix loop driver that thought it was part of the VM system
 - me: teach DRM about VM_RESERVED
 - Alan Cox: more merging

Download: http://www.kernel.org/mirrors

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