Linux 4.18 rc3

I'm back at home, over jetlag, and back to the usual "Sunday
afternoon" release schedule.

So there it is, in all the usual places.

And things look fairly normal - a bit over a third is drivers (various
parts: input, usb, sound, gpu, mtd, networking, ...), with the rest
being arch updates (arm/arm64 - dts files dominating, microblaze,
powerpc, x86), filesystems (xfs, some btrfs, some minor core vfs),
networking, documentation updates and tooling.

The shortlog is appended, nothing really stands out that much. Mostly
it really is just one- and few-liners spread out all over.

Go forth and test.


PS. And on a personal note - it so happens that today is the 15th
anniversary of me working for the Linux Foundation (née OSDL). How
time flies.

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