Linux 4.6 rc3

It's become a pattern that rc3 is larger than rc2 (my explanation is
that it takes a while for people to start finding issues, together
with people taking a breather after the merge window), so that part
isn't surprising.

What _is_ surprising, though, is that about half the bulk of the rc3
patch is to filesystem code. I don't recall that before, and that
surprised me - I had to go look for the reason. It turns out that
while we have indeed got changes to several filesystems (btrfs, ext4,
orangefs, f2fs), but the big reason was simply from us getting rid of
the PAGE_CACHE_SIZE macro and just using PAGE_SIZE everywhere. And the
filesystem code was just the (obvious) main user of that legacy

Anyway, with that small oddity explained, the stats all look otherwise
fairly normal, with the rest being mainly drivers. The biggest single
patch is the resurrection of the olpc_dcon staging driver, that wasn't
so obsolete after all. There was a missed opportunity there, since the
resurrection of that driver missed Easter by a week. We'll do better
in the comedic timing department next time, I promise.

There's the usual smattering of arch fixes too - but it's fairly mild.

On the whole, though, I think we're looking fine. It's fairly early in
the rc's yet, but things look fine. So go forth and test,