Linux 5.10 rc2

As usual, the start of the week after the merge window closed was
pretty quiet, but things picked up in the last few days. Almost
everything here got merged Friday or during the weekend.

Which is all normal, but a few things stand out.

One is that rc2 continues the pattern of this being a fairly large
release - not outrageously so, but this is a slightly bigger rc2 than
we usually have.

The other is that the diffstat looks quite odd, since I merged the
pull from Greg that removed the MIC drivers for hardware that never
shipped. That is about half the patch, although it's not why I call
rc2 big - it's just a single commit. There's also a few big ABI
documentation formatting patches that look a bit odd, but make the
docs more easily parsable by tools. Again, just a couple of patches,
but a big part of the diff.

Anyway, if you ignore those things, the rest looks fairly normal, with
small fixes all over the place. The shortlog below gives a flavor of
the details, I don't think anything else particularly stands out.

Despite the size, I don't get the feeling that there's anything really
odd going on, and so far the release seems to be going smoothly. But
please test, that's how we find problems,