Linux 5.6 rc5

I was hoping I'd have been home already and do this leisurely from my
usual setup, but due to flight cancellations and travel trouble, I'm
instead doing the rc5 from 28,000 feet. But at least I'm on my way
home, and next rc should be normal.

That said, everything looks mostly fine. I say "mostly", because while
nothing in particular looks worrisome, this rc5 is bigger than I'd
have liked. In fact, it's not only bigger than rc4 was, but it's
bigger than we historically are at this point.

That's never a great sign, but who knows, it might be just timing. The
previous rc was smaller than usual, so it might have been just pent-up
patches from that. I won't really start worrying unless the trent
continues for next week too...

Apart from the size, things look fairly normal. About 60% drivers
(GPU, dmaengine, phy, sound, rdma, backlight..), with the rest being a
mix of arch updates, documentation, perf tooling and "misc core code"
(filesystems, kernel, vm).

The shortlog is appended for people who want to skim the details.

Please do continue testing,