Linux.com: The Portable World: Linux on Laptops

“If you’re reading this site, you have a pretty good idea that
most of us think that Linux is one of the best things since sliced
bread. In fact, chances are good that you agree with that
proclamation. Hey, everyone knows that Linux is great for servers,
and it’s becoming more widely accepted as a desktop solution.
But the lingering questions have always been, “Can Linux work
on laptops? Can it deal with power management issues and embedded
systems? Can it deal with a different architecture? Can Linux be

“The answer is now a resounding, “Yes!”

“One only has to look around to see the prevalence of laptops in
today’s computer culture – the smaller, thinner, and
longer-lasting, the better. Every high-powered executive has one,
but laptops are no longer limited to the upper crust of the
computing world. Lower prices and higher quality have enabled
laptops to filter down the salary ladder until even students can
afford a portable computer of some type. And if students are using
laptops, you can bet support technicians, developers, and graphic
artists, to name a few, are already on the bandwagon. This
infiltration of the geek culture by laptops can only lead to one