Linux Journal: Corel Bridges Linux/Windows Gap with GraphOn

Licensing agreement brings GraphOn Bridges connectivity
software to Corel Linux OS….

“Corel…announced a licensing agreement with GraphOn…a
company whose Bridges software allows any display device to run any
application over any type of connection, from dial-up to
low-bandwidth to wireless. According to representatives from Corel,
this agreement will make Corel Linux the first Linux distribution
to run Windows applications “seamlessly” over any type of
connection. While options such as dual booting have allowed Linux
users to keep their Windows applications intact and operable on
their otherwise open-source boxes, the integration of GraphOn
Bridges into the Corel Linux package makes it increasingly simple
for computer users to take advantage of the Linux OS without
abandoning their favorite (and familiar) Windows

“From the perspective of GraphOn, winning Corel as a client for
its Bridges software is a fairly major coup for the connectivity
software maker, whose most recent success was a Bridges-related
agreement with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China.
GraphOn also has development and licensing agreements with Sun
Microsystems to provide its Solaris client for JavaStation and a
similar development and licensing agreement with IBM for its
GO-Joe, Java-to-UNIX thin client. Nonetheless, applying GraphOn’s
connectivity software to the Windows-on-Linux could represent, at
the least, a spur to further development of thin servers and other
software that will allow Linux and Windows to peaceably (or even
profitably) co-exist.”