LinuxFocus (January 2000) Issue is out

[ Thanks to Guido Socher for this link. ]

“LinuxFocus is the only multilingual magazine about the operating system Linux. LF is managed and produced by Linux volunteers, fans and developers. There is no subscription necessary to read LF, it is freely available on the web all over the world.”

Table of Contents:

System Administration

  • How to partition your hard drive for Linux , by Thomas Mangin
    Thomas explains how he has chosen to partition his hard disk.
  • Home Networking, glossary and overview , by Guido Socher
    This shall be the first article in a series about IP networks.
  • Recycling Ip Addresses with Apache , by Atif Ghaffar
    This article demonstrates how to serve multiple virtual web servers using the same Ip address with Apache on Unix/Linux.
  • VXE, a Linux security tool , by Serge Lozovsky
    Serge Lozovsky presents a software package that he developed to make UNIX systems more secure.


  • FSViewer, a File Manager for WindowMaker , by Georges Tarbouriech
    Among the revolutionary tools of NeXTStep, the first in order of appearance on the screen was indisputably the File Viewer. Thanks to the path-view in that File Manager you always knew where you were. It was more than a manager, it was a true browser. FSViewer is a NeXTStep a like File Manager for WindowMaker.
  • WindowMaker the spirit of NextStep , by Georges Tarbouriech
    Window Maker 0.61.1 is the latest release of a NeXT look-alike window manager.

Software Development

  • Perl part III , by Guido Socher
    This article explains how to use arrays in Perl.

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