LinuxLookup: Embedded Linux: What, Where and Wow!

“First they wanted small, now they want everywhere. Small
created James Bond, everywhere will create… well, lots of things.
What I am talking of here? Computers, of course. From their
invention, computers have come a long way and grown smaller. From a
room size monster to a handheld palmtop. From big universities’
pride to everybody’s servant. But computers don’t mind. They were
meant to work and work they do.

“Someone once asked, ‘What do common people have to do with
computers?’ The person he asked the question was clueless back
then, but now I can list a mind-boggling number of their
application with the word [and counting] at the end.

“But how does the common man use the computer? Making it cheap
and inexpensive got all the customers it could. Now something more
radical was required. Enter Embedded Computers…”

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