LinuxPlanet: .comment: Weaseling a Good Idea

“There appeared, a few weeks later, a story on ZDNet saying that
the leading lights of KDE were joining with captains of industry to
form the KDE League, whose purpose, like that of the Gnome
Foundation, was (perhaps best) left to the imagination. This, too,
raised eyebrows.”

“Fortunately, the rumors were quickly put to rest when KDE
developer Kurt Granroth sent an email to one or two of the KDE
mailing lists: ‘We have stated in the past that KDE will *never*
have an elected governing board like GNOME Foundation. Absolutely
nothing has happened or will happen to change that.'”

“Most people took this to mean that the talk of something called
the KDE League was just an unfounded rumor. A few noted that it was
‘a non-denial denial,’ meaning that it was weasel-worded in such a
way as to be misleading while technically true. Few believed this
explanation, though. KDE is, after all, not president of the United

“In fact, it was weasel words. Work was underway on the KDE
League. The earthshaking announcement — we await to hear from the
seismic center in Boulder, Colorado, just how earthshaking — was
to be saved for Comdex, even if it meant deliberately misleading
the existing user base in the interim. So much for the open


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