LinuxPlanet: Sun Wants to Make Linux 3D

“Sun Microsystems, a company that has been making noise lately
in the Linux desktop market with StarOffice 7 and Java Desktop, is
currently working on an experimental 3D successor to Java Desktop
that they believe will change the way we interact with computers,
and in the end elevate the popularity of Linux in general…

“Juan Carlos Soto, the head of Project Looking Glass says one of
the company’s motivations for this operating system is that most
windowing environments were developed in the 70s and 80s and were
designed for the limitations of the hardware at the time including
computational, graphics system and memory limitations.

“‘One of the things we wanted to do was revisit the paradigm
that’s been around for a long time and unlock some of this
[updated] capability of the hardware and create a more compelling
and more useable experience for the desktop users. We believe the
Linux desktop is a compelling desktop and there’s no reason it
should be standing still or following any other platform for
features for the user, so we embarked on Looking Glass and we are
rapidly working to formalize the implementation,’ Soto says…”


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