LinuxPlanet: Word to the Wise… Maxwell [Word Processor]: Moving to Open Source

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Maxwell is the project of three programmers who initially
planned to release it as commercial software. For whatever reason,
they decided not to do so, and have instead released the source to
their project under the GNU copyleft. The fact that Maxwell is
released under the GPL, doesn’t have a commercial interest standing
behind it, and appears to be under active development makes it
unusual among the word processors we chose to give primary

“On the low end, Maxwell will likely meet the needs of just
about anybody who needs nothing more than simple papers or letters.
We were able to format headers and footers, though we couldn’t
discover how to automate page numbering. The control for
line-spacing and color control of the text was straightforward

“Maxwell is a word processor for those who have fairly light
needs and are interested in following an ongoing project or
contributing bug reports and feature requests. Novice users and
people with serious productivity needs should avoid


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