LinuxPorts.com: PHP — A Cookie Experiment

[ Thanks to Joshua
-Poet- Drake
for this link. ]

“The following article is the first in a series about PHP. This
article covers the basics, and assumes that you have some general
knowledge about HTML, and other Web technologies. The articles that
will follow includes information on using the Postgresql database
with PHP. The third and possibly final article in the series will
cover advanced data parsing. That said, let us begin!”

“Unless you’ve just come back from an extended journey to Alpha
Centauri, you may have heard of the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW
is the new communication media of the 20th and 21st centuries, and
throughout the Web you cannot help but hear the word,

“‘Dynamic’ is the current media term to describe web sites that
contain elements that make them do things beyond simply display
text and graphics. Examples of these are search capabilities, stock
tickers, and moving images. At the heart of over 1.4 million
(Source: Netcraft) of the Dynamic web sites lies a simple but
powerful language that you can embed into your web pages. No, it’s
not Javascript, it is PHP.”


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