LinuxPR: The-Adviser.com to offer FREE Linux Stock Research Coverage

Millions of investors now have independent professional
buy-side research on Linux based Companies.

“The Independent Adviser Corporation announced today that
The-Adviser.com, will begin providing FREE professional buy-side
research on Linux based companies including VA Linux Systems
(Nasdaq:LNUX), RedHat (Nasdaq:RHAT) and Cobalt Network
(Nasdaq:COBT). Research will be updated on a weekly basis….”

“Linux stocks are very aggressive momentum and speculative
plays. Because the industry is so new, professional research on
companies who provide Linux based solutions is limited to sell-side
research firms who performed the actual corporate underwriting,”
says Michael D. Porcelain, Chief Investment Strategist of
The-Adviser.com. “Because The-Adviser.com is a Registered
Investment Adviser and is not affiliated with any mutual fund, bank
or brokerage firm and has no proprietary interest in any
securities, investors do not have to worry about receiving a hidden
sales pitch because The-Adviser.com does not sell investment
products or charge sales commissions. Given the cult-like support
that the Linux software has, we expect that Linux stocks will
continue to make news in the Year 2000 and have decided to initiate
coverage based on individual investor request.” Coverage will be
updated weekly.”