LinuxToday.com.au: Eazel and the Giants

[ Thanks to renai43
for this link. ]

“…one open source desktop developer stood out – Eazel. Founded
by some of the original Macintosh Interface Gurus, and working
closely with the GNOME project and Ximian, Eazel in the space of
one short year have gone from an overly-hyped bunch of old Mac
hackers to a company, that like the Borg, have adapted to suit
nearly every Unix environment out there.”

“Eazel will assimilate the Unix desktop world. Resistance is
… Eazel have almost gained a stranglehold. They have
2 major Unix vendors agreeing to change their decade-old default
desktops (CDE) and move to Eazel, which has not hit version 1.0
yet. They have Dell, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of
office desktops and laptops, agreeing to ship their software by
default, to thousands of offices worldwide.”

“I’d say that in 5 years, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be
running fvwm on our Linux desktops, ladies and gentlemen. I think
it’s going to be an Eazel world, once Nautilus hits version
– and that’s not far away. We’re into third beta country,
now. It looks as though Eazel is truly generating into that most
frightening of companies – combining good technology with good
business sense.”


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