LinuxToday.com.au: Galeon: The Little Browser That Could

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“…After a long, long, period of Internet Explorer domination,
Mozilla finally raised it’s head and began to roar. “Look at me!
I’m a huge, bloated dinosaur and I run on nearly all platforms! I
include an IRC client, email, ftp and THEMES!”. Most people in the
world were disgusted with the bloatedness of Mozilla and did not
install the beast, but many Linux users took up the Mozilla
standard and used it in everyday life.”

“However, some users said “This is not good enough, we want a
good, compliant, fast browser!”. And Thus Was Born Galeon, a
smaller, but smarter lizard.”

“For those of you who haven’t got the point by now, Galeon is a
small, fast and mean open source browser which is currently being
developed for GNOME. Unlike some other browsers (for example
Opera), Galeon is being developed using Gecko, the Mozilla
rendering engine. Gecko provides a huge code base for Galeon to
make use of, and as a result, in the short time that the project
has been operative, Galeon has developed into a fast, functioning