LinuxWorld: Examining VA Linux and Corel

Corel has excellent collateral, but Corel often strikes me
as being sloppy with its execution.
For example, take Corel
WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux, the superb new suite for Linux
— if there is a realistic Linux alternative to Microsoft Office on
Windows, this is it. It is almost identical to its Windows
counterpart because much of the suite runs on Corel’s version of
Wine. (Wine is an open-source programming interface that brings
most of the Win32 API to Linux.)”

“Now before I discuss the down side, I can’t emphasize enough
how much I like this productivity suite. You’ll have to pry it out
of my cold, dead fingers before I’ll switch back to Star Office,
and I really like Star Office. Having said that, I confess that one
of the first things WordPerfect Office 2000 did for me was crash.
And I can’t get it to print on any Linux platform other than Corel
Linux. I did manage to get the suite to work with XFree86 after
struggling with it for awhile. The problem stems from the fact that
WordPerfect Office 2000 needs the Bitstream font server. I’ll talk
about how I got around this requirement in a bit….”

“In sharp contrast, VA Linux is 100 percent all-beef Linux.
There is one very big reason I have confidence in VA as a Linux and
Open Source company: Larry Augustin. Larry has outstanding
instincts about the Linux market. Most of all, he knows who to
hire. Already, he has some of the most exceptional people in the
Linux community working for VA.”

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