LinuxWorld: The lowdown on Descent 3 for Linux

“The developers of the latest Descent release have gone to some
lengths to keep this title from getting dull. The evidence is a
choice of fighters, indoor and outdoor encounter areas, varied
mission objectives, and even an expansion pack that let’s you play
the bad guys….”

“Back when Duke Nukem 3-D previews were just starting to whet my
appetite, another title showed up that bucked the trend and brought
the popular first-person-shooter genre to a new level in the PC
market. Descent made its mark on gaming history by coupling
space-vehicular combat with Doomlike, hunt-for-keys game play.
Descent II followed soon after, but was just a revamped edition of
the original. Descent 3, though, offers a new approach just in time
for the series’ ascent to the Linux platform.”

Descent 3 is a first-person-shooter crossed with an intense
flight simulator in which you fly your craft through deep Martian
ravines and claustrophobic mine shafts, eliminating mining bots
that have gone loco.
Featuring the same full three-dimensional
movement and realistic flight effects seen in its predecessors,
Descent 3 also boasts outdoor battle areas and intricate level
design with mission objectives. I have no doubt that addicts of
previous versions will feel right at home in this exemplary

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