MSNBC/Reuters: Linux fans predict big software battle

In an unlikely outcome to a David and Goliath technology
battle, a free computer operating system called Linux has the power
to shake up Microsoft’s global dominance, software experts at a
Montreal trade show predicted on Tuesday….

“The head of a Linux trade association that represents about 100
companies, suggests the technology will more likely be embraced by
developing economies, noting that nearly 5.7 billion people in the
world are not yet using computers.”

“Because Linux is a low-cost alternative to other operating
systems, I think that there will be a lot of growth in what I call
the emerging countries,” said Jon Hall, executive director of Linux

“I think that Linux has a great marketplace in a lot of these
countries where they’re certainly not missing the education – the
people are fairly well educated and they’re very ambitious, but
they need capital to be able to get going.”