NewsForge: Review: LindowsOS Computer from Wal-Mart.com

“It was with great anticipation that I began looking at
Wal-Mart’s latest offering: a Microtel PC with LindowsOS preloaded.
I had reviewed the OS-less Microtel computer from Wal-Mart a few
weeks ago and I hoped that this, the first consumer-focused
Linux-based PC to appear from a major U.S. retailer, would be a
great product for Linux newbies. Unfortunately, no matter how much
I try to like this system, I am not comfortable recommending it to
novice users.

“For this review, Microtel provided us with a AMD Duron 850 MHz
system, with 10 GB Maxtor hard drive, 128 MB of memory, and 52x
Samsung CDROM drive. Sound and video are integrated on the
motherboard. Sound is supported through the VIA chipset, while the
Trident Cyber Blade video shares main memory to do its tasks. The
modem is a 56K Lucent software modem, but LindowsOS already has the
appropriate driver installed. Absent from the system is a floppy
drive, which I suppose is less than useful for a system that will
upgrade its software from the Internet…”


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