Other X.Org Discussions At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit

“Two days ago we reported on what the graphics stack should look
like for Ubuntu 11.04 in terms of its X.Org Server, Mesa /
Gallium3D, and the open-source graphics driver versions to be
deployed in this next Linux operating system release codenamed the
Natty Narwhal. This though wasn’t the only X-related discussion to
take place at the Ubuntu 11.04 developer summit in Orlando this
week, but there were other related topics discussed such as KMS
configuration / quirk handling, the multi-monitor experience on the
Ubuntu desktop, and multi-touch support. There were also talks
aimed at Linaro / embedded Ubuntu on ARM platforms with regards to
embedded GPU drivers and OpenGL ES support.

“While the quality of the notes vary from session to session,
information from these talks at the UDS Orlando event can be found
by connecting to gobby.ubuntu.com from a Gobby 0.5 client for
collaborative document editing / sharing.”