The Register: Sun selects Eazel Nautilus for Solaris shell; StarOffice to be Nautilus default viewer

“Eazel’s part of the agreement is to commit itself to using
Sun’s StarOffice as the default document viewing tool in
Though perhaps this isn’t too surprising ever since
StarOffice creator Marco Boerries told us his suite will form the
basis for GnomeOffice…”

“Sun’s interest in Nautilus lies in is Network User Environment,
which is essentially what we’d have called a Webtop had it been
around three or four years ago. It takes the browser-meets-file
manager idea from the likes of KDE, Gnome and Windows 98, and runs
with it, bundling in a series of Net-centric tools and features to
provide a single point of access for all resources, whether remote
or local.”

“Sun will attempt to tempt corporate users away from said with a
mix of powerful object-oriented desktop environment (Gnome),
network-centric user interface (Nautilus) and integrated
productivity suite (Star/GnomeOffice). Sun has already said that it
will support Gnome 2.0 on Solaris when the desktop environment
ships – around the middle of next year – so today’s announcement
simply puts the finishing touch to that plan.”


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