TLS: It’s Time to Pay the Piper

“Just as I was putting this article to bed, and just when I
thought that I had heard everything, things got weirder. Microsoft
just announced that it has hired former Christian Coalition
director, Ralph Reed, as a consultant to lobby George W. Bush
regarding the government’s anti-trust case. Setting aside the
inevitable and humorous connection to religious zealotry, the
extremes that Microsoft will go to be perceived as a winner in
spite of their defeat is downright bizarro.”

The extension of the battle to the political sphere is
ominous one. To the people and companies trying to compete in the
monopolized marketplace, this is not a political battle. It’s a
battle for the right of survival.
However Microsoft, recently
cowed by events at trial, now seems poised to break out of their

“Microsoft remains entrenched with 90-plus percent of the
Intel-based computer market. Microsoft has got to be put into a
position where the trust violations cannot continue. They have
already shown themselves to be recalcitrant in this matter. We
don’t need to be revisiting this issue again and again and again.
Let’s take our best shot this time to solve the problem once and
for all. In short, the court’s remedy must be remedial. No slap of
a hand this time.”