What�s next in GNOME�s future?

“Canonical will be shipping Unity as the default desktop for
Ubuntu 11.04. It’ll still be GNOME technologies underneath, GNOME
applications will run on it and it’s still optimized for GNOME, but
it won’t be the GNOME shell. Not the traditional GNOME shell that
we all know and love nor the new GNOME Shell coming out in GNOME

“Disappointing News

“Many developers were really disappointed to hear that Unity
will be the default shell on Ubuntu. Some are disappointed because
they don’t like Unity. Others are disappointed because they feel
like Canonical is doing its own thing instead of working with the
greater GNOME community to reach a compromise that works for

“I understand. We’ve put a lot of work into GNOME Shell, our
next big thing, and Canonical is saying that it’s not the best
thing for their users. It’s disappointing because we are excited
about our new plans and expect lots of users to enjoy them. And we
rely on our distribution partners to get GNOME into the hands of
users, so we were expecting Canonical to help us in that.”

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