Why I believe Microsoft will buy Nokia

“I have been pretty lucky in January to predict that Nokia would
pick Windows 7 as its new OS. I even won a beer in a bet with the
Honorary Consul to Finland in Silicon Valley, clear sign the Finns
were not expecting it at all…

“I felt it made sense for the situation Nokia was in. I do not
think they had many choices. I believed Android was a better
option, but it was just not going to happen. Microsoft, also
because of Elop’s background, was the easiest path.

“However, I have been quite surprised by the way they threw
Symbian under the bus. I was ok with killing MeeGo, although it is
sad to see it (almost) gone, but I feel Symbian has so much market
share – still – that a light touch would have been better.

“I would be shocked to hear today from any developer in the
world “I am still developing for Symbian”. As of last week, Symbian
is a dead platform…”

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