WinJobs.com: Interview with Guruswamy Sarathy – lead Perl developer

[ Thanks to S.Ramaswamy for this link.

“Gurusamy Sarathy is a senior Senior Developer at ActiveState
Tool Corp. Sarathy is an eminent Perl developer and has played
a major role in recent Perl developments. He has over five years of
experience as part of the Perl development community at large, the
last two years spent in prominent leadership roles. He now serves
as the Release Manager for the 5.6 release.
He also led the
development of Windows support in Perl, and managed the merging of
Windows technologies during the 5.005 release. He was the Release
Manager for the latter half of the development of Perl 5.005. At
ActiveState, he is charged with maintaining, managing and extending
core technologies for Perl. A fundamental contributor in shaping
ActiveState’s overall technology vision, Sarathy also mentors the
development of world-class Perl skills in the company….”

“As the Release Manager for Perl 5.6, what are the issues that
you are currently tackling? New features?”

“Perl has traditionally been very good at covering the basics,
making the easy jobs easy and the hard jobs possible. Perl 5.6
expands on this tradition, covering some very important technology
frontiers that people are going to expect to be “easy” to do in
Perl. And they will be. Support for Unicode is one of those areas.
Another is support for threading and interpreter concurrency. The
fork() builtin function will be emulated as a concurrent
interpreter, for example. A third is improved support for compiling
perl code into bytecode or optimized C code. There are many more
usability improvements, bug fixes etc.”