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LinuxWorld: IBM's Journaling File System (JFS) -- in 2.4 Kernel?

Oct 05, 2000, 18:37 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Joe Barr)

"IBM may be able to include a Linux port for its JFS journaling filesystem in the 2.4 kernel"

"Nick Petreley wrote last year... that Linux needed three items to become more fault-tolerant, and thus better able to compete on high-end boxes in the enterprise. Those three things were a journaling filesystem, fault tolerance, and data clusters. Someone must have been listening; Linux now has four, count 'em, four journaling filesystems in the cooker. Those filesystems, and the pending 2.4 kernel's vastly improved scalability, won't give Nick everything he asked for, but will surely make Linux more attractive to users of high-end systems."

"One company that listened to Nick must have been IBM, which, believe it or not, has become a major player in Linux and open source. IBM's initial Apache flirtation has blossomed into a virtual organization called the Linux Technology Center (LTC). Under the LTC umbrella, IBM has become involved in many diverse projects, supported by teams positioned around the world. ... This column deals with the port of JFS from AIX to Linux."

"I know, the ReiserFS is much further along, and will almost certainly be the first journaling filesystem included in the 2.4 kernel. ext3 is coming along too, as is SGI's entry in the race, XFS. But JFS has an advantage: the hometown edge. LTC's JFS team is located right here in Austin, Texas. Steve Best, who leads the small team working on JFS, gave the Austin LUG an informal presentation on the port's status just a few weeks ago. I was there; Best said that the project, working on open source code and with the open source community, was the best job he had ever had."

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