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Clustrum delayed to early July

Apr 02, 2001, 18:45 (0 Talkback[s])

From the Clustrum team:

It has been decided to postpone the Clustrum to early July. The Clustrum is the 365-node Beowulf Cluster project for the anniversary of Utrecht University. The main reason for postponing is the lack of certainty on the number of machines available. A number of machines that were destined to be used in the cluster had been reallocated to education purposes at the last moment. Due to this, we lost 100 machines and 50 extra network points. Another factor was the lack of clarity in the scope of work needed to enable the borrowed 170 machines to function within the limited time left.

It has thus been decided to postpone the large cluster and run a smaller cluster on the 26th March 2001, the original date for the Clustrum. A number of the applications planned for the Clustrum will be run and the results will be posted on the Clustrum website.

When all the educational activities at Utrecht University have been completed for the summer break in mid July and the facilities are available, we will again attempt to run the Clustrum project with the planned number of nodes. Developments can be followed on http://www.lustrumcluster.uu.nl/.

We find it a great pity to postpone the project so close to the planned date. We are however convinced that it is the best choice, and that in three months time we can complete the project with great success.

Kind Regards,
The UUlug Clustrum Team.

Job Spijker (spijker@nl.linux.org)
Armijn Hemel (armijn@nl.linux.org)

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