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High Performance Linux News for Aug 07, 2000

  • Byte.com: Summer Potpourri: Mainframes And X (2000-08-07 18:08:04)
    "The Hercules emulator is very efficient. I dedicated 4-Mbytes of RAM to my virtual mainframe, and checking the Linux stats I saw that it would use CPU time only when there actually was real action inside the virtual mainframe."

  • LinuxPR: Linux NetworX Utilizes API Technology to Provide High Availability and High Clusters (2000-08-07 17:51:50)
    "The solution from Linux NetworX will provide its customers with supercomputing-like functionality at much lower price points."

  • CRN: Unix Webs Up (2000-08-07 15:47:12)
    "Less than five years ago, industry pundits sounded a death knell for the Unix platform and predicted the rise of Windows NT as the server operating system of choice. But now, Unix is regaining marketshare as corporate users turn to the platform to leverage the affordability, manageability, stability and scalability for their e-commerce applications."

  • VNU Net: Compaq wins $45m supercomputer contract (2000-08-07 13:48:34)
    "The new machine is built on the Beowulf model of constructing supercomputers by clustering commodity PC components that are interconnected by a high-speed network. Beowulfs run Linux and other free software."

  • eWeek: Sun opens storage server to Linux (2000-08-07 08:02:03)
    "The failover driver-to be distributed free on Linuxcare's Web site-also lets IT managers hook up two Stor Edge devices for redundant data protection."